Born and raised in Astoria
  • Frank Bonsangue, actor and television personality
  • Eddie Bracken (1915–2002), actor
  • Whitey Ford (born 1928), pitcher of the New York Yankees
  • Chamique Holdsclaw (born 1977), basketball player
  • Michael Lynche, Finalist on American Idol
  • George Maharis (born 1928), actor and comedian best known for his work on Route 66
  • John H. Meier (born 1933), financier and former business associate of Howard Hughes, also involved with Watergate
  • Vincent A. Serio (born 1968), Publisher & Founder of "Growing Up Astoria"
  • Christopher Walken (born 1943), Oscar-winning actor

Born in Astoria
  • Ted Alexandro (born 1969), comedian
  • Tony Bennett (born 1926), Grammy winning singer
  • The Cadillac Man, author, Land of the Lost Souls: My Life on the Streets
  • Maria Callas (1923–1977), opera singer (childhood)
  • Chester Carlson (1906–1968), invented xerography at his Astoria laboratory in 1938
  • Joe Cicalese, Polish-language novelist and host of the Weather Channel show, It Could Happen Tomorrow
  • John Frusciante (born 1970), guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Anthony Giacchino (born 1969), filmmaker and producer
  • George Gibbs (1815–1873), geologist who contributed to the study of the languages of the indigenous peoples of Washington Territory
  • Marc Maron (born 1963), comedian
  • Patrick McGoohan (1928–2009), actor
  • Ethel Merman (1908–1984), legendary Broadway actress and singer
  • Dito Montiel (born 1965), author, screenwriter, director and musician
  • Al Oerter (1936–2007), Olympic discus throw 4-time gold medalist
  • Natalia Paruz, the "Saw Lady" - notable subway musician, founder/director of the annual NYC Musical Saw Festival
  • Melanie Safka (born 1947), Singer-songwriter
  • Sabbath Anthony Mele (Born: January 21, 1922) is a former player, manager, coach and scout in Major League Baseball. As a manager, he led the Minnesota Twins to their first American League championship in 1965.
  • Franz Schurmann (1926–2010), Cold War-era expert on the People's Republic of China
  • David Schwimmer (born 1966), actor and director in television and film

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